About Lee Pallardy, Inc.

lpibuildingcropped 320wLee Pallardy, Inc. is a general appraisal and real estate brokerage firm that is the successor operating company of an appraisal/brokerage firm known as Pallardy-Watrous that was incorporated in 1919. The officers of Lee Pallardy, Inc. are all State of Florida certified appraisers and each has the MAI designation.

The president of the firm is Jamie M. Myers, a Tampa native, who has been in the real estate and appraising profession since graduating from college in 1979. Lee F. Pallardy, III, is Chairman of the Board and is the grandson of the founder of the firm. Mr. Pallardy has been involved in real estate appraising and brokerage in the Tampa Bay area for 36 years. David M. Taulbee and James M. Talley, Jr. are both vice presidents of the firm. John N. Miller, MAI is an Associate Appraiser. Teresa Hanger is the Assistant to Jamie M. Myers. Rachel Albert is the LPI Office Assistant.

The principals of Lee Pallardy, Inc. have created a diversified real estate appraisal firm that provides a wide variety of real estate appraisals and real estate consulting services. The client base is diverse, as represented by the client list included in the resumes and the appraisal experience references.

The firm continuously monitors the regulatory and political environments that affect real estate values, and is oftentimes an active participant. The monitoring is to the extent to allow us to be in a position to anticipate changes in the regulatory environment and to predict the effect on real estate values. We make a concerted effort to keep abreast of the trends in the residential and commercial real estate markets, and the case law concerning real estate valuation, particularly as it relates to the valuation of real estate for the purpose of filing estate and gift tax returns and for appraising properties involved in condemnation proceedings.

The primary sources of our appraisal work include individual property owners, developers, municipalities, state and local agencies, financial institutions, condemnation agencies, attorneys representing property owners in condemnation proceedings, and attorneys representing clients in estate planning and other matters. Lee Pallardy, Inc. is an approved appraiser for most lenders.

The company provides unparalleled market research and independent value conclusions. The appraisals provide well documented value estimates. Each appraisal is prepared for the individual client and tailored to suit the individual client's needs. The appraisals are written in a clear and convincing manner to lead the reader to the value conclusion and will withstand the scrutiny of any interested party, including loan underwriters, the legal system, or the IRS. If you are involved in litigation and are looking for a firm that will help you prepare and sell your case, look no further.

As a well established appraisal and real estate consulting firm, with extensive experience in appraising all types of properties, we are very well qualified to provide complete and accurate appraisals no matter the purpose of the appraisal.